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Diabetes affects your entire body, including your legs and your feet. We can assist you in identifying what symptoms are being caused by your diabetes, and we will ensure you have the proper treatment to alleviate pain.

We have comprehensive solutions for diabetic foot care.


During your appointment, we may suggest that diabetic footwear could really benefit your particular situation. Diabetic footwear can provide support as well as reducing skin issues. Be proactive by coming in so neuropathy doesn't affect your feet.

Solutions for your feet

Because your nerve sensations may be affected with neuropathy, corns or calluses may also go unnoticed. We will give you a thorough examination to ensure your overall health. Call our office to make an appointment with our caring team today.

Complete foot care

Although it is common, neuropathy can lead to more serious issues due to loss of feeling. If you incur an injury, it may go unnoticed and lead to deeper injury. Come into our office for regular check ups and we will make sure your feet are okay.

Neuropathy in diabetes

Get diabetic foot care and get comfortable